Visconti Homo Sapiens Ball Pen



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Visconti Homo Sapiens over five thousand years ago with the invention of the writing of the pre-history of humanity ceases and Homo Sapiens marks the eve of human history.

The material of this pencil is as old as the world: the lava of Etna volcano. Visconti has successfully produced a material that contains more than 50% pure basaltic lava, catalyzed with resin in a patented formula, so obviously, it keeps secret, whose extraordinary characteristics practically transform it into a material perfectly suitable for instruments of writing.

Practically unbreakable: it has a high degree of resistance, 10 times more than the resin pen itself. Fireproof, Visconti lava has a heat resistance of more than 100 ° C. Lightly hygroscopic which allows sweat to be absorbed from the hand during use.

The inspiration comes from the Bronze Age, which is almost contemporary to the invention of writing, for all metal parts. The clip, the rings and the metal accessories, with the exception of the piston, are made of bronze.

Natural bronze is the oldest formula, which does not require coating or protection treatments that could alter its original pink color, and that can be easily polished with special products.



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Visconti Homo Sapiens Ball Pen

Visconti Homo Sapiens Ball Pen

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