Pininfarina Cambiano Aluminium Matt Black Walnut



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The Pininfarina pencil was born with the collaboration of the Pininfarina house, of Italian design famous throughout the world, the Cambiano is the flagship version of the range.

The designer has made the pencil creating elegant and essential lines, thanks to the combination of innovative materials and classics, such as black aluminum and wood, give it a unique personality. The tip is made of an alloy, named Ethergraf. It has the same writing as any graphite pencil, no difference is noted and also allows shading if used by putting it in a lying position.

It measures 19.5 centimeters in length with a cylindrical diameter of 5 cm to 2.7 cm. It has a very original design inspired by the concept car of the Cambiano team, Pininfarina, under the direction of the chief designer Paolo Trevisan.

The case itself is a wooden stand that also serves as a desk.


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Pininfarina Cambiano Aluminium Matt Black Walnut

Pininfarina Cambiano Aluminium Matt Black Walnut

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